ClearFox Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Refugee Camps

Clearfox are specialists in the design and manufacture of plug and play solutions for refugee camps. Our containerised systems can be used for more than 10.000 refugees living in the camp with no actual restriction in size.

As they are modular, they can not only be quickly delivered and installed in emergency situations but also dismantled and relocated. These containerised systems are specially made for refugee camps being absolutely odorless and silent to not annoy any refugees. Besides selling these systems, we also rent them out.

Our aim with our products is to make the life standard for refugees as high as possible.

With over 20 years experience in this business sector, we are an excellent choice to help you find a wastewater treatment solution.

Refugee Camps Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is a critical and often overlooked part of refugee camps as water has to be treated before releasing it to the environment. In the past, wastewater treatment has often been a low priority which led to provision of unsuitable on‐site sanitation systems. Living on such small room together promotes spreading of diseases.

With limited financial assets especially in developing countries, sewage systems not only have to be working smoothly, they also have to be cost efficient. There are normally two phases in refugee camps. The emergency and stabilisation phase. The first phase is only temporary and action must be taken quick when a new refugee camp has to be installed. The stabilisation phase is over a longer period of time while authorities decide that to do next.

Our Clearfox products can be quickly delivered and have a warranty of more than 20 years.

Advantages of Clearfox products:

  • Odorless, silent
  • Low operation cost due to low energy cost (environmental friendly)
  • Quickly installed and dismantled for transport to new location
  • If needed Clearfox containerised systems can function as a permanent solution
  • Easy to understand technology -> untrained staff will be able to manage the plant
  • Built in safety features, no endangerment to people or plant
  • No infrastructure or buildings are required -> only a solid base or foundation is needed on which to place the containers
  • It is flexible, as systems can be designed as complete waste water treatment plants or hybrid systems, depending on the requirements
  • The solution is modular, fully automatic plug & play and can be tailored to the specific local conditions and project requirements
  • Made in Germany, 20 year robust
  • We deliver to everywhere in the world our products are steeled against all weather and climate zones
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