ClearFox® FBS sewage treatment plant

Fully biological fluidised bed small sewage treatment plant ready to connect

System FBS

  • Compact plastic small sewage treatment plant
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Minimal use of technology
  • Economic and reliable
  • Best outlet values guaranteed
  • Technology with long service life
  • Small maintenance effort

The ClearFox FBS in modular construction

Ready to connect and fully biological application

Compact, modular structured small sewage treatment plant with minimal technical components and high-quality clog-free airlift-pump for sludge. No calibration required as this is done automatically. Ventilation with durable membrane technology. Hose connection pieces made of stainless steel (no fracturing possible).

The control unit is integrated into the ventilated manhole pit. Therefore no hose laying in the ground required.

Only an inlet, outlet and a power cable (earth cable 3×1,5mm2) must be connected. No further connection work required!

Inlet and outlet openings prepared for KG DN100 (high-quality EPDM-gaskets already integrated into the tank). The monolith tanks are made of high-quality PE in rotational moulding in one single piece and do not need to be screw-connected!

The vertically positioned rib structure ensures good and ergonomic blending in the reactor. The tanks are equipped in their basic configuration with a manhole pit extension for an inlet depth of ~780mm.

The tank covers (load-bearing up to 200 kg) are screw-tightened (childproof version).

The plant is CE conforming and includes EN 12566-3 test certificates for efficiency, water-tightness and fracture resistance. The plant consists of two interconnected tanks which can be placed as one piece into the building pit.

All technical components of the plant are pre-assembled in the factory ready to be connected (plug and play). The tanks are equipped with additional reinforcements made of stainless steel. Product: fully biological FBS small sewage treatment plant

Dimensions and technical data:

  • 1 PE tank, 3500 litres
  • Chamber 1: Sludge storage and buffer
  • Chamber 2: Fluidised bed bio reactor
  • Chamber 3: Secondary sedimentation with sludge chute
  • Individual weight: approx. 220 kg
  • Dimensions: lxwxh 2430 x 1215 x 1710 mm
  • Separation of the chambers by means of partitions
  • Required base area: ~2430 x 1220 mm
  • Max. inlet depth: 1000mm below area surface
  • Access opening tank: 600mm
  • Plant size: 4 – 5 PE (residents)
  • Power supply: Earth cable with 230 VAC, 3 x 1.5mm2, installed by the customer
  • Fuse 10A, residual current operated circuit breaker
  • Control cabinet: Control module integrated in manhole pit
  • Connected power: ~50W
  • Outlet class: C (according to German classification)

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