Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

and Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems in mobile containers. Small sewage treatment plants, non electric wastewater treatment plants by ClearFox® EN 12566-3 and septic tank upgrades produced by PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH and distributed by partners worldwide.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater Treatment in Portable Containers
Domestic Wastewater Treatment
Plant Construction & Technologies

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

ClearFox® has modular treatment technologies for wastewater from foodindustry and municipalities. Our technologies are on a base of chemical, physical or biological processes.

Wastewater Treatment in Portable Containers

Containerized wwt systems are modular and flexible, the systemsare prefabricated and
state of the art. German quality and high performance for commercial or domestic applications.

Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Our plug & play sewage treatment systems for domestic wastewater. We have solutions for all applications, also for hotels, caravan parks, schools,leisure facilities & much more.

Plant Construction & Technologies

We design, produce & deliver sewage treatment technologies. To manage all individual needs for your wastewater treatment project. Retrofitting-kits and complete wastewater treatment plants.

We are looking for import and export partners for our new single chamber Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant QuickONE+

Are you looking for a tough sewage treatment plant that has been developed using latest technologcal advancements?

That has the lowest energy consumption of any other model available on the market?

That is plug & play and made in Germany?

And, that can be shipped to any destination worldwide

(15 plants in one Container)?

Then contact us!


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Do you have a question or want more information about a sewage treatment plant? We are happy to develop a suitable solution for your specific requirements.
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ClearFox® containerized portable sewage treatment systems 

These mobile sewag treatment plants are completely pre-assembled systems that can be extended as required with the necessary modules.

  • Complete wastewater treatment process within the container
  • Continuous and trouble free operation
  • Fast installation
  • A portable and mobile solution for temporary wastewater treatment applications

Sewage treatment plant containers are durable, versatile solutions and can even be installed with certain site restrictions such as limited space. The aerobic treatment process of our packaged systems provides rapid breakdown of all organic pollutants.

Small sewage treatment plants ClearFox® nature ✓

The improved process technology and enhanced cleaning performance of our small sewage treatment plants for private households meets higher approval rates among local authorities. ClearFox® nature is a small sewage treatment plant with zero power consumption.

  • Simple installation
  • Economic operation

Need more Information? Please contact us.

Do you have a question or want more information about a sewage treatment plant? We are happy to develop a suitable solution for your specific requirements.
Tel.: 49 (0) 921-150 63 990

Compact sewage treatment plants for rent.

Our service for you:

Sewage treatment plants for leasing or for rent are gaining popularity.

ClearFox® sewage treatment plants,

For all ClearFox® – sewage treatment plants we use only airlift pumps wherever technically possible (approx. up to 300 PE).

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Small scale sewage treatment plants by ClearFox®: clean, simple and efficient!

ClearFox® nature is a small sewage purification plant pre-assembled at the factory and tested according to the European standard 12566-3. The connection size ranges from 1 to 16 residents.

The water from the outlet can seep away, be directed into an outlet channel or be returned for raw water treatment. When there is sufficient incline, the plant can operate without electricity.

Fully biological non-electric small scale wastewater treatment plant

ClearFox® nature is a new generation of small  scale sewage treatmant plantsOur long term experience with cascaded bio filter plants led us to adapt the technology to develop the Aquaplast®, a high quality tank system. We then developed a high quality, durable sewage treatment system for small scale sewage treatment, without mechanical parts prone to wear and tear.
Where there is sufficient incline, this small sewage treatment plant operates without electricity. With an integrated mini-pump, the clear outlet can also be lifted. Due to its simple structure and the biofilm technology used, the small sewage treatment plant is ideal for remote and decentralised operation.

  • ClearFox® nature – a small scale non electric sewage purification plant
  • A unique wastewater treatment solution
  • Attractive low cost operational expenses relative to any other system
  • SBR | Fixed-bed | Precipitation filters – modular treatment systems
  • Simple retrofitting and extensions of existing sewage treatment plants
  • Small sewage treatment plants that offer long term economical operation
  • Mobile plug and play containerised modular sewage treatment plant

We offer individual solutions for any wastewater treatment application.

Sewage Treatment Plant for Tobacco Factory in Egypt

Customer: Tobacco company in Egypt Year: 2018 Case of application: A tobacco company from Egypt contacted us to solve their sewage treatment problem. Tobacco wastewater comes from two sources: industrial…

SBR sewage treatment plants as complete plants for up to 10 people

Small sewage treatment plants in modular construction. Highest individual weight 115 kg. No crane required on the building site required. The plants convince due to their simple and quick assembly. Operation is fully automatic. Due to an integrated energy saving mode, the sewage treatment plant adapts to the actual sewage volume, thereby saving energy.
The plants work with the proven SBR principle with clog-free airlift-pumps.